Electric Fireplace Warms and Decorates Your Home

Looking for a fireplace without the hassle? An electric fireplace could be the answer to your needs because they are portable, affordable and more convenient than other types. Electric fireplaces are basically decorative electric heaters that have the look of a traditional fireplace. Through the use of modern technology, colored electric lights create the effect of a flickering flame and the simulated fire is created using real wood to make the logs and preformed embers and ashes. The result is a warm, radiating simulated fire, which is even hard to tell the difference between a log burning fire.

Why do many people prefer an electric fireplace over other types? Mainly because of their convenience. With the click of a remote you could have a warm glowing fire in your home without having to worry about burning logs or other types of fuel. Not only this but they are portable enough to where you can have one installed in an apartment, condo, single family home, cottage, etc. without the costly install requirements of other types. Do not mistake portability with lack of cosmetic beauty. Electric fireplaces can be placed in areas other fireplaces cannot be installed and are aesthetically pleasing partly because of the wide range of materials you can use to build them. Do you already own a fireplace? Simply install an electric fireplace insert for a hassle free hearth in no time at all.

An average electric fireplace will generate around 4500 BTUs of heat compared to the 20,000 BTUs from an average gas fireplace. Still this should heat a 10 x 13 room at a comfortable temperature. What is nice about an electric fireplace is that you can choose to turn off the heat while still maintaining the flames if desired.

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Retro Home and Bedroom Furnishings: A Look at the 70′s and 80′s

Every twenty to thirty years, it seems that fashion tends to come full circle, with trends simply being recycled and updated. It could just be the vicious circle of history repeating itself, but it seems that even home design is doing the same thing. If you take a gander at the home furnishing offerings today, you’ll find that many of the decorations and designs are “retro”‘, imitating the wave of the late 1970′s through the 1980′s. In case you weren’t around for the original styles, or have chosen to block out most of than span of time from your memory, let’s take a trip back and look at the blast from the past that is piled on store shelves today.

Tie-Dyed Clothes. Remember when bright, tie-dyed colors were all the rave? In the early eighties, everything was a starburst of six and seven different colors that didn’t really match and could make your eyes water with the brightness of the design. Home furnishings have begun to incorporate this design again, with wall hangings of tie-dyed starbursts, throw rugs in the pattern, bedspreads full of tie-dyed spots, and even some couches artfully designed in such a manner. If you like the bright, anything goes style, this may be for you!

Psychedelic. Okay, so in the sixties and seventies, there were reasons for glow in the dark, psychedelic paint and black lights, though these excuses were usually less than savory and not entirely legal. Today, though, the bright T-shirts and posters have returned, with many individuals covering walls with glow in the dark designs and even painting whole walls in psychedelic paint, installing black lights in their recreation rooms or game rooms for entertainment purposes. This retro design option, coupled with disco lights that are more reminiscent of the late seventies, can really take you back to “the day”‘, especially if you put in the right music!

Lava Lamps, Most lamps are made to assist with lighting a room and giving you something to read by. On the other hand, in retro times, the lava lamp was more about putting on a show when it was dark in the room. Lava lamps have begun to grace the shelves of not only specialty and gag gift stores but also typical home decor departments in other stores, including superstores and department stores. Add to this the fact that the “lightning ball”‘ has also made a comeback from its loss of popularity in the mid-80s, and you’ve just jumped back in time.

Shag Carpets and Bean Bags. Rather than sitting on real furniture, designers are now suggesting a return to the basics. In the seventies, everyone had thick, shag carpeting, and now it’s become popular again (as opposed to Berber, the thinnest possible carpet around), only this time it’s not in mixed blue and green colors (thank goodness!). And, with the modification of the original bean bag chair that was so popular in the 80s to seat more than one comfortably on plush material or even leather rather than sticky vinyl, you can have your whole home outfitted retro style!